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Founded: 1953

Location: Petchaburi, Thailand. 

Main products: Consumer rice 

Production capacity: 1000 Metric Tonnes (daily)

TM THAI RICE is a Petchaburi based rice mill of certified high-quality rice. We export products such as; Riceberry rice, White rice and Jasmine rice across the globe. We pride ourselves with the capacity for our production to manufacture certified organic rice. Our more than sixty years of domestic experience in the rice business has made us a tested and trusted operation ready to meet your demands. Our storage, packaging and handling of your rice is guaranteed to meet the current standards of international food-safety protocols (HACCP and GMP). Whether you are interested in our rice brands, or you want us to produce for your own brand, we are always ready to give a quotation and provide our services.

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Although Taweeroummit rice mill has long since outgrown it's humble beginnings, our management and production team are still closely connected. Both in physical proximity and in the co-operation of completing our tasks as a trusted business partner. Securing a transparency few modern manufactures can claim.  

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Our Brands

Nine Crowns Brand is our product line for high-quality organic rice. A healthy diet based on delicious Riceberry rice is the philosophy of the Nine Crowns Brand. 

Mostly found online or in high-end supermarkets across Thailand.

Diamond Crown Brand is the brand that composes most of our grains. This brand is synonymous with TM THAI RICE and has been for several decades. 

Mainly sold in greater quantities and through wholesalers across Thailand. 

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